Choosing Appropriate Board Meeting Tools – Vendors Comparison

Board meetings are the heart of a company, responsible for its well-being, hiring new employees, enforcing rules and policies, and adopting important strategies to improve and scale the company. To handle their responsibilities better, people can’t do without the help of technology. Board portals are tools that are designed to digitally convene and simplify many processes. They can help you save time and money, as well as provide proper security. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top vendor comparison 2021.

BoardTrac – Vendor Review

BoardTrac is a leading board portal provider in our board portal providers review that provides you with not only document management features but also video conferencing tools. Document management features include editing, adding new material to meetings, and highlighting text. The provider provides a single sign-on feature that allows you to log in to multiple spaces (online conference rooms), this saves you the risk of forgetting your password and creates a cohesive experience. Inside a digital conference, you can communicate and use collaboration tools. There is also a plugin for current webinar and videoconferencing services.

While the speaker is giving a presentation, you can share his slides and add your notes at that moment. BoardTrac is a software that has an app for offline access from any device and OS but has no integration with third-party applications.

BoardPro board of directors software – Vendor Review           

BoardPro focuses its energies around organizing the boarding process So you can format your discussions into topic or departmental groups. Board management is very clear and simple all functions are intuitive. Upload the necessary material to the space, edit it, and do the public posting of documents with a single button. There is the ability to annotate documents together.

All online meetings are recorded and archived in the space so you can review them again whenever you want and from any device and refresh your memory before a new meeting. BoardPro also has an automatic email notification feature to keep all attendees informed of any changes and the ability to vote.

An agenda can be created by drag and drop, space allows you to use it as a repository for your notes. BoardPro offers phone and chats support, as well as materials for training on how to use the system. BoardPro also has seamless integration with Slack and Trello. The price of the provider starts at $150 per month.

Wrike – vendor review

In our list of the top best board management software, Wrike is there for a reason. This board portal provider offers you a role-based access permission feature for board spaces and materials. Agenda management is very flexible and allows you to track agenda items, set reminders, and even assign tasks. There is also an annotation feature that helps you highlight key points from the document.

Wrike has interactive whiteboard features so that other board members can get information in real-time. The provider also offers integration with more than 400 third-party applications, including cloud storage. The support team is always ready to help you, you can contact them via email and online chat, they also offer you access to a help center where you will find detailed guides to using the program as well as a frequently asked questions department. Wrike is priced starting at $10 per month per user and has a free trial, but some features are limited during this version.